Free Things: Summer Weekend Fun

We’ve had some really lovely summer weekends around here lately. Here are a few of the small and simple pleasures we’ve been enjoying:

Our local library
I love the library and could write an entire essay about why — another post, perhaps! Although it’s open all year round, nothing beats taking a leisurely stroll in the warm summer sun to the land of free books. It reminds me of being a kid on summer vacation, oh so long ago.

The petting zoo
We are lucky enough to have a free petting zoo in our area. Again, it’s open all year long, but it’s extra fun to enjoy it during the golden days of summer. Our daughter has just started to notice animals and we snapped some pretty cute photos of her staring down the cows as they checked her out.

Training wheels
We watched a neighbor’s kid lose his training wheels this weekend while his mom ran next to him holding onto the bike so he wouldn’t fall. Priceless.

I don’t know if there are more of them lately or if I’m just noticing them more. Either way, they’re wonderful. They almost make up for the absence in my life now of lightning bugs, which are an indelible part of my childhood summer memories.

Our generous neighbor has huge blackberry bushes in her backyard and has kindly offered to let us pick them. There is one hanging over the fence in our back area, so my husband harvested some of the deliciousness yesterday — and made a cake! Scrumptious.

What’s going on in your world that’s free, fun and summery?


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