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What’s for Dinner?

Check out this inverted frittata recipe from Mark Bittman of the New York Times food section; I’ve made it three or four times since it was published. It’s a tasty way to use up leftover veggie and cheese scraps in a healthy meal that’s vegetarian but still delivers on the protein. And so economical — only two or three eggs required!

Tonight’s version: creamer potatoes, red pepper, caramelized onions, spinach, a little cheddar cheese and a bit of curry powder and cumin. It was pretty good, but using the fresh herbs suggested in the recipe makes a big difference. Continue reading ‘What’s for Dinner?’


Omit Needless Things

I love today’s post from zenhabits in which Leo quotes the great grammar-master William Strunk, Jr.:

Omit needless things.

So simple, so elegant. The heart of living a thrifty life with joy.

Two Great Blogs

I ran across Ikeahacker today, full of many wonderful ideas for repurposing Ikea furniture. In the spirit of all things thrifty, I’m going to direct some of that inspiration toward redoing the “disposable” furniture we already have or can find for free.

The other site I’m currently crushing on is Craftynest, the DIY home decor site of former Sunset designer, Monica Ewing, in which all her projects are “green and/or affordable.” Such great ideas! And more importantly, such great follow-through! That woman has managed to get a lot done.

I always feel guilty buying new things to solve some household problem when we already have so much stuff. And I particularly feel guilty buying cheap things that I know won’t last long or are so unattractive that I won’t want them around for long. It’s cool to see so many clever, creative people use their talents to rescue stuff headed toward the landfill and repurpose it for a longer and more attractive second (or third!) life.

Your Money or Your Life

I read Your Money or Your Life about seven years ago, and it transformed the way I look at money, work, frugality and sustainability. Here is a fantastic interview with one of the book’s authors, Vicki Robin, in which she discusses the true meaning of money and what we’re trading in our lives in order to earn it.

You can listen to the interview for free until August 19th.

In the meantime, I’ve put the new edition of the book on hold at my local library so that I can revisit all those ideas!


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