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Weekly Finds: Simple Pleasures & Frugal Living

Frugality, thrift and simple living in this week’s media:

Urban foraging for crabapples – Frugal & Urban
I especially liked how many people stopped to talk with her as she was picking apples.

Two-cycle billing – Get Rich Slowly
Make yourself aware of two-cycle billing, weird grace period cut-offs and other credit card maneuvers that will cost you money.

What Cooking Skills Would You Like to Learn? – Mother Earth News
Readers answer the question in the comments section — interesting.

Plastics: What’s Dangerous, What’s Not – Mother Earth News
Helpful breakdown toward the end of the article of what to avoid. Yikes.

Roundup: Repurposed Mail Sorters – Apartment Therapy
We actually repurposed a mail sorter/magazine holder into a drying rack for baking trays and cutting boards.

The Many Reasons to Make Do with Less – Wise Bread
A nice perspective from one writer who has cut down on consumption.

Enjoy Homemade Butter in Less than Five Minutes – Lifehacker
I never knew it was so easy! I’m curious how much the recipe makes and if it’s cheaper than buying butter.

Top 10 Tricks MacGyver Would Be Proud Of – Lifehacker
These are great! Except for storing your food in a plastic cd case. Perhaps they need to read the Mother Earth plastics article linked above.


Weekly Finds: Simple Pleasures & Frugal Living

Frugality, thrift and simple living in this week’s media:

The Queen of Coupons – The Boston Globe
I have never been much of a coupon-user, but this woman is and she’s amazing!

President Shifts Focus to Renting, Not Owning – The Boston Globe
A shift away from the “ownership society.” Especially interesting for those of us who are still renters.

How to create fresh, natural and frugal household cleaners – Design Sponge
I must try this; perhaps it will inspire the same “cleaning fastidiousness” in me that Ashley is lucky enough to possess. Ha!

Instant Air Fresheners for Small Spaces – Apartment Therapy
A sweet little trick to freshen up a tiny space.

30 Summer Pleasures You Can Enjoy Today – On Simplicity
A lovely list of simple summer pleasures, many of them free.

Two Great Blogs

I ran across Ikeahacker today, full of many wonderful ideas for repurposing Ikea furniture. In the spirit of all things thrifty, I’m going to direct some of that inspiration toward redoing the “disposable” furniture we already have or can find for free.

The other site I’m currently crushing on is Craftynest, the DIY home decor site of former Sunset designer, Monica Ewing, in which all her projects are “green and/or affordable.” Such great ideas! And more importantly, such great follow-through! That woman has managed to get a lot done.

I always feel guilty buying new things to solve some household problem when we already have so much stuff. And I particularly feel guilty buying cheap things that I know won’t last long or are so unattractive that I won’t want them around for long. It’s cool to see so many clever, creative people use their talents to rescue stuff headed toward the landfill and repurpose it for a longer and more attractive second (or third!) life.